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Julian Newman SNAPS! “You’re Not Ready For This” NEO 2017

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Born Ready EP7 preview… Julian Newman stole the show this past weekend at NEO Youth Elite in Cleveland, Ohio! He matched up with Jaythan Bosch on Sunday. Here are the full highlights from BOTH games.

In the first game, Julian scored 25 and Jaythan had 13. Newman’s team was down 15 points heading into the final 6-minute rotation but they won 65-63. Julian scored 14 in the final 6 mins (with running clock). Newman finished with 19 in the Allstar game. Bosch didn’t score.

Special Thanks to Ty Kish (MSHTV)!

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50 thoughts on “Julian Newman SNAPS! “You’re Not Ready For This” NEO 2017

  1. Is this high school? Who cares then.
    #404 will never go anywhere with this sport. Too undisciplined. He would've been given a Technical for the face thing then another for the face wash. The kids a joke
    #413 will be in the NBA first. You watch, you'll see

  2. I do not care for this rude,selfish,undisciplined,disrespectful,no class having,ball hogging,egoistic, lil prick. No doubt he learned and picked it up from his dad. Oh and that ball to the face? I got hot when I seen that face crap. And I have to admit. He handled it alot better than I would've. I have mad respect for the way that other kid handled it. Very classy,disciplined,calm,respectful kid.

  3. I hope Julian Newman fucking read this fucking comment. Yow bro, I can fucking beat your fucking ass in the court nigga ⛹?‍♂️ I’m only 5’7 too and a varsity and originaly from the Philippines ?? I’m gonna make you like a fucking stupid nigga in the court ?? Hope someday too play with you bro ? You have to be humble everytime on and off the court, throwing the ball in the face is just for the show I know that ? But at the end of the game you have to give respect to your opponent ? Basketball is a brotherhood ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  4. Julian is a little cunt of a boy and will never make it in the NCAA D1 let alone the NBA. He's too small and not that skilled. And that throwing the ball at a defenders face won't fly in college or the pros. It's cocky and disrespectful. He keeps it up some kid is gonna whoop the shit out of him.

  5. Juillian is a cornball let him would of hit me in da face with that ball I would smack that shitty ass design right out of your head bitch ass nigga you a clown ? and the white was schooling your ass. He gone make it before you how old are you? And you still the same height ?. You won’t really doing nothing you do the same moves every time you didn’t cross white boy one time anybody can shoot in somebody’s face 24/7 you lowkey trash

  6. Number 404 is not an athlete but the biggestthe rat ever seen in sport. His sporting behavior is terrible.Number 404 I'm pretty sure I was not there , I would hurt your hands so much, that you would not play basketball anymore.

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