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Julian Edelman facing suspension from New England Patriots | NFL Live | ESPN

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Adam Schefter gives details on why New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman is facing a 4-game suspension for violation of the NFL’s performance-enhancing substances policy.

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40 thoughts on “Julian Edelman facing suspension from New England Patriots | NFL Live | ESPN”

  1. bruh the man is coming of an injury he probably took some "medicine" that was probably tainted with an illegal substance, come on guys be smarter, it was probably and accidental dosage because of the mix.

  2. Every other team gets accused of cheating like two times or more a year: silence

    Pats get accused 1 time in the course of two years: of course those cheaters always cheating!

  3. Still waiting for that ESPN video on Peyton Manning being confirmed for taking HGH. Seriously, why is nobody talking about this. He could barely throw a football when recovering from the neck surgery and after the steroids he breaks the record for touchdowns. But no asterisk right, because he doesn’t play for the Patriots.

  4. Peds can be extremely low dosage abuderol or several dietary supplements will test positive with him being off field he probably took some dietary supplements to stay in shape 😂 but he has a contract with Patriots so he must be cheating also a diuretic could be cause to imtake proper water

  5. Here are my takes on the Edelman allegation: 1. If he uses performance enhancing drugs he should just come clean and say, 2. If use it unknowing he should categorically say so and there is no need to apologize, 3. The timing of the announcement of the allegation is suspect as this happen every year to distract the pats just around the time when it is preseason or the start of the regular season 5. Edelman was out for a year why would he want to do something to jeopardize his career and future and finally 6. Why more attention is not being paid to Peyton Manning and the announcement last week that he used drugs using his wife's name to cover his actions. The truth must be told and told soon.

  6. After all the shitty comments on here and ill add myself to the list just because who really gives a fuck anyways……I hope the Patriots just keep on them "cheatin" ways and the entire NFL just blows the fuck up and goes away forever……thx all God bless

  7. Sorry Devin Kendrick…..sometimes stupid ass meaningless topics get the better of us and im going to retract all comments i have made……I actually really dont care at all i think we just like to pretend we care about what millionaires do and think like it makes our lives any better…..take care all!!!

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