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Jose Mourinho Predicts Every World Cup 2018 Group Winner

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RT asked Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to predict the winner of every World Cup 2018 group. Do you agree with his selections?


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26 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Predicts Every World Cup 2018 Group Winner”

  1. My prediction, Grp A Uruguay and Russia….Grp B Spain and Portugal….Grp C France and Denmark…Grp D Argentina and Croatia…..Grp E Brazil and Switzerland….Grp F Germany and Sweden…Grp G Belgium and England….Grp H Senegal and Poland

  2. This guy is on drugs. Danes don't finish last in anything. You think the ancestors of the great vikings cant beat a bunch of frog eating frenchies that we used to bitch slap around a in the good old days. Wait and see as soon as the Danes enter the field the french players gonna run the other way. Then you got Peru and Australia, really? The Peruvians cant even grow a beard and you expect them to win over men with more hair on their backs then the Peruvians got on their head?. And last but not least Australians. Do they even know what a football is? Someone send them a memo that the football is round and not ellipsoidal. Peace brothers and may the best Dane win!

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