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Jon Jones warns Israel Adesanya, Dana White on Jon Jones vs Adesanya, Max Holloway

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Jon Jones warns Israel Adesanya, Dana White on Jon Jones vs Adesanya, Max Holloway

– Israel Adesanya sends message to Jon Jones and he responds to him

– Dana White talking about potential fight between Jon Jones and israel Adesanya

– Michael Bisping talking about Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier at UFC 236

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50 thoughts on “Jon Jones warns Israel Adesanya, Dana White on Jon Jones vs Adesanya, Max Holloway

  1. Who cares, Jones is a cheating bitch, his legacy is just that, you follow him you follow a guy who cheated most of the way through his career, he deserves nothing and will never, regardless of talent, be in the same league as Izzy, fuck Jones, he’s a shit stain.

  2. there's only one fighter that I would like to see beat Khabib and that's Poirier. Holloway, Pettis, Gaethje, Alvarez…sorry Khabib, looks like you're next.

  3. By the look of Adesanya's face, it doesn't look like he'll be making it to the "final boss". In Anderson Silva's entire career his face never looked like that, the only real injury I ever seen him get was his leg which he pretty much did to himself.

  4. Israel looking like one of the Whos from Whoville saying he’s gonna beat Jon Jones! Lol! Jon Jones would literally destroy this dude in every area in the octagon! He’s bigger, stronger, and is WAY more skilled than this dude! And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like Jon Jones!

  5. Put Ortega in already he needed that loss … wait for it because for 1. It showed his Lion 🦁💜/will. 2.He was to humble, now the Lion is ready to devour Fact ok 👌 watch I got stacks on it & I’m taking all bets

  6. Israel better be careful, underestimating any part of Jones’ game will lead to home getting the s*^i beat of him. Jones the Goat, look what he did to DC. Who is honestly the second or third best of all time IMO.

  7. Yea Izzy is a bit dense. He said he slayed one goat (Anderson) and he’s going after the other goat(jones) and when jones replied back , he said jones is a bully

  8. Bull shit @ 4 min look at max next to dustin, he is as big and taller than dustin, he just got his ass kicked, bottom line, hes not so blessed,stop looking for excuses, he lost fair n square.. watch the 1st mma ufc matches before weight class, many of smaller fighters beat bigger fighters, so max is not so great. look small next to dustin my ass, they look the same size and max is taller,,

  9. You have to do more than talk but also walk. Darren Till, McGregor, Adesanya. All great fighter's but when the cage closes it's a different story…..especially Jones. Cormier went into his fight undefeated, that means nothing. Would I love to see Jones lose and be exposed for the rotten cheating and fake facaded peice of crap he is? Yes, but analytically Israel has some ways to go (at least for Jones) although a great fighter.

  10. Jon is bigger, stronger, is just as good at striking and has insane wrestling and submission ability. Israel could probably hold his own in straight stand up, but I believe things would quickly go downhill for him if Jones clinched up with him and used his wrestling and size advantage. Israel is great but he showed some flaws in that fight and he struggled and even got dropped by Gastelum. Imagine if that would've been Jones catching him like that, he would've been sleeping.

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