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Joe Thomas' Film Room: Myles Garrett | Cleveland Browns

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On today’s edition of Film Room, Joe Thomas analyzes Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

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25 thoughts on “Joe Thomas' Film Room: Myles Garrett | Cleveland Browns

  1. Uncalled holding penalty on Pittsburgh, guy was taking Coleys jersey off by the shoulders smh…that's pretty much a snapshot of the Browns 2018 season… getting beaten by the refs

  2. Ive been waiting for this season for 20 years. That Denver game was so sick man that game will be seen as the marquee game where the franchise turned. Gonna miss Peppers for sure but damn im excited.

  3. I’ve seen the schedule few days ago. Monday night start off versus jets. Steelers a Monday also at home!!! Turkey day we have also at AZ. Gonna be a crazy season. GO BROWNS!!

  4. Joe Thomas is an impressive, intelligent human being. With his detailed insights, clear, smooth delivery, and sense of humor (especially self-deprecating) I could listen to him talk football all day. IF he wants to- he could be one of the best color commentators in the business. The networks should take note…

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