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Joe Rogan is just a shill who thinks The Earth is flat,Dana White-We will get rid of Early W-ins

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39 thoughts on “Joe Rogan is just a shill who thinks The Earth is flat,Dana White-We will get rid of Early W-ins”

  1. Joe Rogaine is definitely a gullible douchebag. However Colby Covington has shown himself to be just a bit more gullible. I think his statement in this video is projection. Joe Rogaine spent the past two years propping up a douchebags that molded Colby Covington, ideologically speaking anyway. Honestly it would be entertaining to watch Joe Rogaine get slapped up by the persona he validated through his own lack of situational awareness. Joe Rogaine platformed ignorance without any legitimate opposition. I honestly hope that this guy he created slaps the s*** out of him on live TV after he gets gorilla f*** by Rafael dos anjos.

  2. That Covington guy is such a dumb cunt… I’m sure it’s common knowledge too anyone who knows who joe rogan is knows that he’s said multiple times that flat earth is complete bullshit lol

  3. Colby Covington talks and sounds dumber than his goofy name. I'm tired of hearing this guy speak he's always wrong and he's not nearly as good of a trashtalker as he thinks he is.

  4. When did Joe Rogan change his opinion on the Earth being round to flat pretty sure you're thinking of Eddie Bravo and even he never really said the Earth is flat he just said he can't trust NASA and the pictures that he is seeing he thinks are fake of the Earth being round so whatever Michael Jordan scrotum you're sucking it ain't working for you buddy have fun in Chicago don't get your teeth knocked out what that big head of yours be hard to miss

  5. Wouldn't you rather agree w the earth being flat…saying basically when "X" gets knocked out hell prove that by…I dunno….laying flat? What a fucking "near mortal" moron

  6. Joe Rogan is kind of a shill, though. I don't know what happened to that guy, but all of a sudden he became against everything that is conspiratorial in nature. My guess is that he got gotten to. Somebody showed up at his house and said, "Hey you, stop talking about that or else I'll kill your wife and family." I am 95% certain this is what happened. Nobody, especially not a tinfoil hat wearing idiot does such an abrupt about-face without coersion, and not from normal detractors. Somebody fucked his day up.

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