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Jeremy Lin Highlights – Blazers at Raptors 3/1/19

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Jeremy Lin scores 8 points to go with 1 assist and 1 turnover as the Raptors win a tight match against the Portland Trailblazers.

27 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin Highlights – Blazers at Raptors 3/1/19

  1. Lin had a terrible game vs Pistons. Was in starting line up but went 0 for 8 getting only 1 point. Still cant hit 3s anymore. What is going on?!

  2. Another poor game, this time vs Rockets, his former team and coach. Perhaps Speed of Lin again wont bother showing another game where Lin only has one point. I hope JLin adjusts quickly to his new team and regains his confidence FAST. Otherwise, he is looking at some unpleasant possibilities.

  3. i wish there will be more Asian basketball players in the future. i am looking for tall Asian guys so i can recruit them to be basketball players.

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