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Jeremy Lin Full Highlights – Raptors vs. Blazers

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Portland Trail Blazers @ Toronto Raptors 3/1/19

8 PTS / 1 AST in 16 minutes

39 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin Full Highlights – Raptors vs. Blazers

  1. You have good highlights. You will start seeing an influx of lin fans.

    1. I would say, add more commentary re: Lin. During the game if there is some.
    2. Get more of his D in the cut. He's got good D.
    3. Pray that his shooting improves because it's bad. It's not where it needs to be. His 3 ball is just horrible right now.

    Speed of Lin is the primary Jlin highlight guy… but your videos are good as well so you'll start seeing the fans come

  2. Nick nurse give Lin quality mins. 8pts 16minutes insane but fans of Jlin was not happy give him some quality minutes to prove ones more that.. Not only Leonard or Lowry will put that kind of numbers… Disgusting

  3. 說真的 林防守 控球 傳導都表現的很可靠 但如果不儘快在攻擊端發揮火力 跟上球隊 久了就擔心球隊會對他失去信心 畢竟季後賽強度真的不一樣🙁

  4. Damn! I'm still a spurs fan, but I'm also Kawhi's fan that's why I'm always watching them play. Why am I having this feeling that Raps have a big shot winning the trophy. We all know Gasol and Lin are big addition to the team, and knows what they can share/capable to do..

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