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Inside the NBA – The crew talks about Kristaps Porzingis trade to Mavericks | January 31, 2019

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44 thoughts on “Inside the NBA – The crew talks about Kristaps Porzingis trade to Mavericks | January 31, 2019

  1. Barkley speakin Facts, AD can’t decide where he wants to go an act like a bitch bout it. NBA getting ruined by the szn. S/o Westbrook, Greek freak, Lillard for staying true without superteams 💯

  2. On some levels Chuck may be right. Why don't they move all teams to either LA, NY and Miami. With the exception of Toronto ….Canada needs that one team. AD signed a freaking contract. When his time is up then move. Go to another team. In the mean time just be an adult and honour your contract like the rest of us mortals legally have to do and be quiet. This is getting silly and stupid.

  3. Chuck is stupid
    If players want to play together they will play together. Simple.
    If all of them want to go to the Lakers, then it's up to other markets to compete and make them seem likeable.

  4. Franchises get to shit on the players and trade them where ever, and however, but players can’t dictate what they want to do. Chuck needs to stfu. Lieing about how he didn’t dictate his way on to Houston to try and make a Superteam

  5. Charles you always say something bad about the Knicks. What is it with you and the Knicks, oh I think it's because Oakley manhandled you when he played with the Knicks hahaha you funny Chuck hahaha

  6. Porzingis is a great player with limited ability…as in availability. Dallas may want to get a player who can stay on the court. In 3 years he palyed 72, 66, and 48 games. It'll be great for Dallas IF he can stay healthy.

  7. I’m sorry but Durant’s time as a player to build a franchise around was gone as soon as he signed with golden state. Idc wtf you say. Greek freak is way better.

  8. I like what Chuck is saying
    Pretty much players aren't wanting to play their heart out with a team that's paying them regardless. Many superstars appear to be giving up on their teammates instead of standing up to management as to why they aren't obtaining other key players through the draft or free agency.

  9. I'm pretty sure Silver doesn't have the power to straight-up veto a trade. They can negotiate in the next CBA to attempt to prevent stuff like this from happening again, but that's it.

  10. Watch Barkley mouth when speaking knicks he calmed down after mark Jackson built that dynasty same mark Jackson that got push broom when knicks swept sixers he been biter ever since

  11. Charles tried stacking himself, going to the blazers gm and saying trade these guys keep these guys. Did that with Phoenix, then tried joining drexler in Houston, he's a player that one could point to in setting the trend today.

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