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Howson: Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United | Review

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20 thoughts on “Howson: Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United | Review

  1. Sorry for the RANT!!!.

    When OGS came in and changed what at first seemed their mentality and started playing the way Man Utd should play and it seemed to going well, but as soon as OGS got the job full time the main players don't look like they gave a shit!.

    OGS is a Sir Alex understudy, the guy idolises Sir Alex and rightly so, but I said when OGS came in if he was to be given the job full time he has to change one part of his personality and that is to become ruthless a trait that Sir Alex always had when it was needed, to me OGS is too nice, I know that the manager rules with an iron fist doesn't work as much these days, but it doesn't mean OGS can't put the players in their place.

    Take Pogba, I am sorry but he has never shown anything that would merit him as world class, a world class player does it week in week out and against the big teams, a leader, but Pogba is a sub-standard player.

    A world cup winner doesn't mean he himself is world class and when Man Utd re-signed him it was a mistake, Sir Alex let him go for a reason, if he really wanted Pogba he wouldn't have let him go anywhere.

    But OGS needs to change at least half that team, he would have been better bringing in six youth players in, they will have probably still got beat, but I bet they would have given more fight and passion than what those players churned out tonight.

    Its amazing how many Man Utd fans said at the start of the knockout phase that they wouldn't win it and yet now they are out they are slamming OGS, don't get it, I have heard fans who pleaded with Man Utd to sign OGS as permanent manager and are now saying it was a mistake..crazy!..

    OGS need to bench half that team and let the youth have a go.

    For me I wouldn't be worried about finishing in the top four this season, the best thing they can do is re-evaluate in the summer, bring in players including the youth players, get rid of the dead wood including Pogba and De Gea as he is now making to many mistakes and go for the Premier League Title next season when they have no distractions with the Champions League or the Europa League and go for it, it might sound counter productive but it would be the best way for Man Utd to get back on track and rebuild with the youth to give them the foundation of a successful team again.

    OGS needs to get ruthless!!!!…

  2. After what I said in my previous comment, Man Utd can't be the best forever, they weren't always the best, but when the greatest manager to ever manage the game in Sir Alex retired, it was always going to be impossible to continue in the same way…Man Utd fans need to realise that this will last for years unless the owners makes some serious decisions about Woodwood and co and the majority of the team!…

  3. Pogba is not a leader for United ffs. Hasn't anyone noticed what he tried to do when United was 2:0 down? Just like vs PSG he tried to get himself booked down from the field by fouling Arthur Melo.

  4. Barca went easy on you. Could have been any score they wanted. You are shit and it will take you years to challenge for anything big. Ole is clueless and tactically inept. You'll be begging for him to be sacked next November. Stop being a morose twat and start facing reality. Your manager will never be good enough.

  5. Ole is a second rate Norwegian league manager that was gifted a caretaker position, the United players went on a run playing mostly dross, and after 3 months gets a 3 year contract😂😂..that sounds like a bit in a comedy show, but don’t worry, he is bringing in the best talent from Norway😂😂😂😂

  6. No one stepped up tonight. After the second goal, all our players were hiding from the ball. It was an atrocious performance. How is Ashley Young still playing? Olé what are you doing with Young?

    To be honest I didn't expect us to win. The performance is what hurts more than anything. We were abysmal. There was no fight, no passion. These are footballers paid fortunes every week and they don't seem to be bothered. At some point us Man United fans have dreamt of playing for Manchester United buy our players don't care.

    Sell whoever that wants to leave, even Pogba. We need a massive rebuild and unfortunately it may take more than two seasons for us to compete again. We are just average at best!

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