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Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

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Must watch REAL RUN – Red Bull invited us to try the Crashed Ice Track. Here’s the video of our first run WITHOUT Practice!

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37 thoughts on “Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

  1. This is foreign territory for any hockey player a completely unique animal. Only thing remotely close to this that I've done is downhill and then you are landing on at least 3" wide skis and not sheer ice.

  2. Seen alot of "these guys can't skate" comments, ice is a whole different animal to anything else anyway, next to no friction = little control, then add in verticality and drops + gaps! Dude I'd be clutching the side like a scared little bitch 😂😂 props to these fellas who swallowed there fear and dropped in.
    One thing watching a video and judging, whole different kettle of fish being up there in person, well done to all who tried ✌🙏

  3. Competitive hockey pretty much my whole life. Its just like anything else, you get used to it and gradually get better and better with practice. One thing I will say/type is, I think the guys in the video spent too much time over thinking it. Its really NOT thattttt hard. Don't psyche yourselves out lol. Just take it easy and have fun with it. During actual races you don't have any time to slow down and freak yourselves out, you just GO FOR IT! That's what makes it work. There's not much that can really happen on that track anyways. It looks pretty safe. Fun vid tnx for sharing it.

  4. Love all the comments from people who clearly never tried action sports of any kind. Skating isn't hard. Throwing your weight around to compensate for your angle to the ground is a lot harder.

  5. This is more like skiing on ice skates. It’s not something you can try once. You have to train for it and build up the confidence to do the jumps. Just like skiing you start with the small jumps and move up to the next level. I think it’s very dangerous for these hockey guys to try it without proper training. Many took head hits on the ice. Now you see the skill needed for the guys that race in the Red Bull circuit.

  6. I participated in Red Bull Crashed Ice Quebec in 2009. Nothing prepares your for skating on slopes. Huge respect for the athletes that compete regularly in the Red Bull Crashed Ice events. Being a good skater doesn't have any correlation to staying on your feet. It was an amazing experience and I definitely utilized the Crashed portion when competing.

  7. As is par for the course in the Youtube comment section, we've got a bunch of professional armchair coaches who are more than willing to let everyone know the precise algorithms and mathematical angles they should have used to jump and skate perfectly, how much skill these guys have, and how they themselves would have done it soooo much better…..

  8. I probably couldnt even walk through this course with slip resistant boots on! Sucks that the camera doesn't do justice on the grand scale of this! This is insanity! How did they even freeze the ice like that??!!

  9. Gotta lower your center of gravity. Bend the knees and lean slightly fwd on the landing. Also speed is the key here because slowing down and stopping is what was preventing them from clearing the gap cleanly.

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