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Highlights Ajax – Manchester United (Europa League Finale)

De samenvatting van de verloren Europa League-finale tegen Manchester United.


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37 thoughts on “Highlights Ajax – Manchester United (Europa League Finale)

  1. From Jamaica wid love it was not Mourinho who made da difference it was Mata…. always a champion…rubbish coach……..Roman Abrovavich used ya an dashed u like shit…

  2. hello Ajax friends… a balanced game with only a few chances… it's no secret united played a pragmatic defensive compact game in a 4-2-3-1. In truth we didn't expose ajax a lot on the counter attack that and only had 3-4 penetrating plays in their half. However our chances came from winning the ball high up the pitch and winning the 50/50 challenges. Ajax full backs offered little going forward and only their right back had a few moments of joy vs Mkhytarian. Ajax central midfielders were marked out of the game by herrera and pogba as the 2 central defensive mids with only pogba joining the attacks whole Herrera provided cover though the middle as a stopper. Fellaini also put in an unimaginable defensive shift by his standards; with positional awareness, tracking back and marking well. Mkytarian and Mata especially didn't offer magic going forward but didn't enough to win balls, play the simple pass and the ocasional ball into the channels. Dollberg often had to play as a false 9 to find space and balls to feet… not much room for him to run into channels even when those were vacated on occasion by Traore who looked to be only Ajax player willing to pick up the ball in midfield and run at the United defense. United full back were solid all match at the back. Darmian was never going to offer much going forward; however Valencia did do so on and on one occasion instead of picking out a more astute cross to pogba; elected to shoot warming the palms of the keeper. Pogba played a solid game in every respect and got into 2-3 scoring positions… that's whyhe proboably deserved his luck for the goal. Not just on the valencia shot …but even when mhkytarian scored he was unmarked and he also provided a peachy cross to Fellaini in the second half and had Fellainj not jumped 1 second too early it would've been 3-0 in the 65th minute. Rashford toiled the night away with little success and perhaps was at fault for not tracking Sanchez the CB in the last minute of the 1st half who penetrated deep with the ball at his feet into our half and almost helped create an Ajax goal. Blind had a quiet achievers game – helped Smalling read the game, provided the pass out of defense, deep set pieces and probably the translation from Dutch 🙂 Smalling was Smalling… the grunt never the brain… the best of Smalling wining the challenge from the corner which led to our second goal. The worst of Smalling getting turned inside out by Van de Beek in the 87th minute who just failedto find his team mate at the top of the 6 yard box or get a better shot on target. Squeky bum time that would've been! Extremely surprisingly mourinho waiting very long and so into the match to make his subs and it wasn't what we were exactly expection. No Carrick for Fellaini on a yellow to help shore up midfield. Instead we got lingaard whom again prooved why he is chicken wings failing to latch onto the other sub – Martial – lovely flick on for a counter. Through on goal and lingaard gets chased down by Sanchez from 5 yards back. I wish Martial would've been on the end of that instead who did enough to show he is a quality attacking player that just somehow needs to get his brain massaged the right way and we'll have our 2015 martial back. A Late cammep appearance by Roonery was just for the fans and for him being a legend of the club to see him lift the Trophy. Thanks for reading my review 🙂

  3. Respect for Ajax from Manchester United.. You create lots of good young players and we admire that.. But for you that criticise our style of play- We got our tactics correct and also created the best chances in the game

  4. Ajax were one of he easiest teams we have ever faced. They pass the ball sidewards and think that means they should have won the game. They did absolutely nothing on front of goal and didn't create a single chance.

  5. Wat een ongelofelijke haatzaaiers zijn t' toch, zei die zeggen dat Ajax verdient heeft verloren. Ajax, de jongste ploeg van de Europa League dit seizoen tegen Man Utd in de finale van de Europa League, kom nou zeg dan vindt ik een 0-2 nederlaag nog heel goed van Ajax dat gister alleen maar gestreden heeft maar helaas niet gewonnen heeft. Volgend seizoen slepen we op z'n minst de KNVB beker en de titel binnen jongens.

  6. wat doet Veltman daar?keeper had de bal klemvast kunnen hebben,bijna alweer een doelpunt door zijn toedoen;later de 2-0,op zijn conto:niet goed ingrijpen,schouwde duw had volstaan in dat geval.

  7. Kan nog steeds niet geloven. Zoo fck onverdiend. Man Utd wilt totaal niet voetballen en dan hoor je niet in zo'n finale! Ondanks ze verloren hebben toch een puike wedstrijd gespeeld.❌❌❌

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