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GS Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | June 6, 2018 | NBA Finals

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Cleveland Cavs vs GS Warriors – Full Game Highlights | June 6 2018, 6/6 NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals 2018

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42 thoughts on “GS Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | June 6, 2018 | NBA Finals”

  1. after the Finals loss for LeBron and the Cavs, LeBron played in 8 Finals and only won 3 Titles. I don´t know if you can be happy with 3 rings if you had the chance to win 8. That´s one of the reasons why MJ will be 4-ever the greatest of all time. MJ 6:0 with one team. LBJ 3:5 with two teams. LeBron have to leave the Cavs. He should go to Boston. Boston with LBJ would be a hell of a team. I wouldn´t go to L.A. everybody would compare him with Kobe. The same with LBJ and the Bulls. But Boston would be perfect. Or Houston Rockets !!! awesome too BIG3 with Harden and CP3. A guaranteed another ring – same with Boston—–
    (sry for my english)

  2. POTUS will grant Curry a "social justice wish". He just needs to be the bigger man and ask. Would probably go along with something EPIC, if a non-biased plan were put forward.

  3. Once again Lebron gets swept in the finals.. MJ or Kobe never got swept. Once again Lebron will leave the cavs and quit again. He's not the goat.

  4. Hahaha it’s funny to see no cavs fan in the chat f u all cavs bandwagons Lebron sucks dick and is the worst player in the league he getting traded next season so u guys won’t make the playoffs until never.

  5. 6:04 THIS is why they won this game/series. Look at the defensive intensity from the center and then when he got beat, the KD came in with the help and blocked the shot. Great team defense right there.

  6. Klay, Draymond and Steph had lousy games and combined for just 20 points. So it was essentially 1 all star vs 1 all star and the Cavs still lost.

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