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Glock 17 vs. Ruger SR9

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In this video, I compare the Glock 17 (Gen3) with the Ruger SR9 (V1.2)
Included is a table top review of the key similarities and differences, unique features, specifications, field strip, and range report with accuracy results.

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22 thoughts on “Glock 17 vs. Ruger SR9”

  1. Ive had a Ruger P95DC 9mm for years and put thousands of rounds through it, knock on wood the damn thing has NEVER jammed once!! I do clean and oil it regularly. It has been the only weapon I put that many rounds through that never jammed. None of my Ruger firearms have jammed, although they have significantly less amount of wear, and have not had near as many rounds through them. I have had a Smith and Wesson Sigma .40 jam on the first day I bought it!! I took it back the next day and got the same gun in a .45 and have had no other issues with it. Anyways long story short, Ruger is the shit, and other than my favorite P95DC, the SR9 is my 2nd favorite firearm I have ever owned.

  2. All of the Glocks I've ever owned or junk overrated junk if you keep a gun in the house with kids little dogs running around everywhere you need a safety you have to train with a safety I don't know who come up with the idea of not having a safety on your handgun but they're ignorant people and stupid people will listen to other ignorant people

  3. If you keep your Glock in a holster you don't need a safety if you are a cop and you carry it for a duty weapon you don't need a safety but laying on the table beside the bed laying under the pillow in the bed you need a safety

  4. Both guns are built to last I have owned both. They are not however built for everyone. Ruger is more nooob friendly. It's a gun for beginners. It's got plenty of safety features to help prevent accidents. The glock on the other hand is a no nonsense firearm. It's for someone with experience and firearms knowledge. Both are really good guns in their own respect both have earned their reputable histories. Neither however is a Sig! Which out shoots and out last both ruger and glock! Sig 220/229 alllll day long!

  5. If you guys try and remember twelve years ago SR9 was the jamomatic of the pistol world. Ruger had to work super hard to overcome that one. They did a fine job but the Glocks, XD, HK and others never had that rep.

  6. I have both ruger and glock I prefer the glock because it has no loaded chamber indicator and or a manual safty. It's more like a revolver in that aspect "just load and fire" . I like the ruger cause it's built like a tank! Will eat anything and ask for seconds! Wouldn't have a problem carrying either.

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