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Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.03.12 vs Pelicans – 24-9-5, MVP Chants! | FreeDawkins

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March 12, 2019 | Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.03.12 Bucks vs Pelicans – 24 Pts, 9 Rebs, 5 Asts, MVP Chants! | FreeDawkins – NBA Video’

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18 thoughts on “Giannis Antetokounmpo Full Highlights 2019.03.12 vs Pelicans – 24-9-5, MVP Chants! | FreeDawkins

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  2. I hate the Pelicans as a Anthony Davis fan. the minute you get a player on the level of Giannis antetokounmpo you fuck it up. You had seven years to surround this man with a decent team. 7 years later you can even build a competition team around him to go to the playoffs but yet you're mad? All I have seen is the Pelicans (as a whole) act like passive aggressive bitches. You try to shade him on Instagram, minutes restriction, remove him from promos, and now MVP chants too piss AD off? Fuck y'all this organization as a whole. NOLA never deserved Anthony Davis at all! That is fucking facts!

  3. Giannis is a selfless player and underrated passer. If he would only shoot a lil quicker he would have the game down. he has a lil hitch to his j or free throws. That dude is tall as hell, he touches the rim hand extended. he still has a lot to learn and hes already this good. I wonder if he will ever be smooth. I still doubt the Bucks can take the next step and beat other top teams. they can but i dont think they have the talent to do so, chemistry yes. half court offense, no. I see the raptors winning the first two rounds, the sixers winning the first two rounds. I dont have faith in the celtics or bucks yet. they can surprise of course. ITs gonna be fun and unpredictable this year something weve all been eager to see for a long time.

  4. Just took a quik look in the comments of the 2 last highlights vids of kyrie from freedawkings and i did not seen any fan of the bucks or giannis trashtalking them like they do in the vids of giannis… I think this says everything about who's afraid of whom….

  5. Man I’m so happy for him. I’ve been watching him since he was 19. I hope he wins the mvp and wins a ring. I know his pop is smiling down on him 🙏🏾

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