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Get this dessert at Yankee Stadium!

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What should you eat at Yankee Stadium? Lots of stuff, especially the “Grand Slam Shakes” from the food court on the 3rd base side. You know what else you should do at Yankee Stadium (or at any ballpark)? Bring me along for a “Watch With Zack” game. Here are some FAQs that explain how it all works:

This video was filmed on June 15, 2018 — Jonathan Loaisiga’s major league debut. Congrats to him on working five scoreless innings and picking up the win.

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27 thoughts on “Get this dessert at Yankee Stadium!”

  1. Zack do you know my mom on Instagram and snapchat? The one that you replied to tell my mom's husband aka my dad for pictures and autos for me and my brother and you weren't gonna be there? If u do please respond my mom will flip. Her name is niki. You Should Know. You guys talk a lot well you reply. I know you won't reply to this but, It would be cool if you did my fingers hurt now bye. PLEASE RESPOND please? Okay for real now bye!

  2. Zack I’ve got something quite funny about yourself that should be a tshirt you have so here it is
    The tshirt says ‘Gotta catch em all’ With a picture of a baseball under it
    Hopefully you see this cus I’m a big fan
    PS Pls do another Q&A

  3. Coming right at you? What are you talking about? You reach in front on other people and steel balls from them all the time. Most of these balls aren't coming right at you. Save some for the rest of the fans.

  4. I hate the Yankees. Absolutely hate 'em! With their 27 World Series wins and their $3 billion marble mausoleum of a stadium and their arrogant New York fans. They're on fire you say? I wish…

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