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Funny Trash Talk Between Michael Bisping & Gegard Mousasi

Funny Trash Talk Between Michael Bisping & Gegard Mousasi

39 thoughts on “Funny Trash Talk Between Michael Bisping & Gegard Mousasi

  1. You cant do away with individual fighters sponsors where they lose over 100k per fight for some, and then not exoect your fighters to want more money for fighting. The ufc is just looking to make as much money as possible and dont care about the fjghters… Shows by this stupid rule and now they holding divisions up and not giving certain fighters fair opportunities and wages

  2. Who gives a shit about GSP x Bisping? Who gives a SHIT about any Bisping fight, besides himself? LOL … Get over yourself, MATE! UFC has become a fucking joke! It's all about talking shit on media.

  3. Mousasi is the calmest person I have seen in the octagon. whether in tight positions or domination. He keeps his cool so good. Shows the type of level one has reached.

  4. Seems like the UFC is the only organization that doesn't treat athletes like athletes any pro athlete makes a shit ton of money and UFC fighters are all unhappy it's crazy

  5. Bisping has no business holding the belt… the UFC is doing a disservice to the fans allowing him to pick his own fights… I'm not interested in seeing him fight GSP…

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