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[FULL] Uncut video of Cavaliers’ bench before, during and after JR Smith’s Game 1 blunder | ESPN

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Watch the uncut video of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench before, during and after JR Smith’s Game 1 blunder from the NBA Finals.

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33 thoughts on “[FULL] Uncut video of Cavaliers’ bench before, during and after JR Smith’s Game 1 blunder | ESPN”

  1. Not a Cavs fan and a huge Warrior fan but LBJ is the GOAT and I kinda feel sorry for him that he has to play with idiots! Don't blame the Warriors for building a super team because the Heat did it first, we added KD and it sounds like everyone wants to re-up for another year! LeBron, love you but stay in the East or join the Warriors because that's the only way to get to your 9th in a row! Much respect to 23 because he deserves more than he gets from the public and all the Warrior players respect him so much!

  2. THE KING HAS BEEN DETHRONED!!!LMAO 0-4!!! THIS ARE FAULT OF 3 IDIOTS 1) HILL for didnt make the free throw 2) JR Smith for running the ball and 3) Tyron Lue for not calling the time out!!!

  3. I might be confused on the rules, but couldn't anyone, lebron included call timeout for the Cavs? Why is everything on JR? Lebron has a "genius" basketball IQ yet he doesn't know how many timeouts a team has per game? Or how many his team used? Can't blame this on JR, he's just a role player, not "the best in the world." Wanna claim goat from Jordan but can't own this fuck up?

  4. thats a bitch move by bron. players make mistakes, just be glad it didnt cost you the game by losing right there! you guys went into overtime. the king had ot to do his thing and he didnt. you guys are letting that 51 points give him a pass when he bitched up in overtime. all of the greats would of relished being in overtime as the under dog. jr didnt deserve that. clearly everyone forgets hill missed free throw that would of iced it

  5. The real finals mvp is james harden.. coz rockets should have won the series, but referees cooked the game.. and also in the finals, lebron should be the mvp but again, referees cooked game 1 which is very important… im a boston celtics fan..

  6. Def still think this is way more George Hill’s fault. He missed a free throw that would have taken the lead with 4 seconds left.

    Everyone is blaming JR Smith, which he should def feel it. But It’s more George Hill’s fault

  7. Oh man..there game 1 performance was the root of all the messed up in the proceeding games. You can tell it by their next performance from game 2 until game 4. They played like stranger with each more faith and trust on the teammates. The key is forgiveness and encouragement to do their best in the next game because they do still have 6 matches remaining but sadly they failed to comply. Lastly, I hate the coach, since from the beginning their coach is like a baby too many assistant coaches because he cant handle his players alone specially during tough decisions. I heard the rumors all over the world that the Cavs's coach is a headache.

  8. hate how ppl making it seem like it alll jr smith fault on the cavz lost..ok he made a mistake but hes not the reason they lost that game.. if the other guy made both his free throws their up a point n maybe the cavz win.. u ppl forget they had 5 mins to win the game n by the way it looks on this video,seemz like their king quit on his team n they all gave up…… smh

  9. James might need more, sell outs on his team! He cant be the only goat, damn…. His team need to make more sacrifices… James cant do it by himself, looking ass…

  10. A great leader would have let everyone on the court know their jobs and responsibilities before that last free throw went up. A great leader would not have acted like this @ 2:29

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