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FULL SHOW – Burton US Open Women's Halfpipe Finals

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►Watch the 37th Burton US Open LIVE from Vail, Colorado where the best riders will compete in the halfpipe finals. This is the women’s halfpipe finals event you won’t want to miss!

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6 thoughts on “FULL SHOW – Burton US Open Women's Halfpipe Finals

  1. I'm so impressed by the progress women have made in snowboarding! Back in the day women pros were usually worse than the kids in my local resort but today if I saw them on the slope I would be very impressed.

  2. I’m really glad Maddy won. She deserved it!! Thought she might get robbed for a second but the judges gave Chloe the right score, her run was very good but Maddy’s was just a little bit better. Good job ladies!

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