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Floyd Mayweather Shares With Jermell Charlo What MAB Stands For EsNews Boxing

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Floyd Mayweather Shares With Jermell Charlo What MAB Stands For
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Elie Seckbach (אלי זקבך)
The Embedded Correspondent has been covering Sports BOXING MMA & The NBA since 1997.

His ability to get interesting quotes from star athletes prompted Andy Gray of CNN/SI to call him “the most entertaining NBA reporter out there.”
While Former Mike Tyson Publicist Michael Marley writes: “If there is going to be an Internet age Howard Cosell, it may turn out to be Elie Seckbach.”

In 2009 Seckbach was nominated by the Associated Press and won the Mark Twain Award.
In June 09′ Lil Wayne samples Seckbach in his song ‘Kobe Bryant. And in 2010 Seckbach won the Boxing Reporter of The Year award from ATG Radio. in 2017 Seckbach received two Awards for his boxing coverage.

Away from sports Elie has covered major news events and has won both a Golden Mike and an Emmy Award.
His reports have been featured on: AOL Sports FanHouse & NBC TV, The LA Daily News and CBS 2 News.

Prior to that Seckbach reported for leading news outlets in Israel.

34 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Shares With Jermell Charlo What MAB Stands For EsNews Boxing”

  1. I like that he didn’t kiss Floyd’s ass and just hear Floyd’s boring talk like all other fighters. If you broke and losing Floyd don’t care about you so why does charlo have to worship Floyd, nah talk that shit son!

  2. I really like The Charlo Brothers a lot they two of my favorite fighters right now they just Ghetto. You can tell they ben through a lot that’s why they fight the way they do and act the way they do. Floyd is trying to take him under his wing but you can Clearly see he’s Not ready yet.

  3. 2 Times now Charlo lost his "Dogg" persona,… 1st when when he was talking shit and jacobs confronted him he was shook and 2nd he is now licking Floyds arse, that was cringe to watch. Theres respect and then theres Charlo acting like one of floyds stripper bitches like in this video. SMH

  4. Hurd ain't no lubin he's coming 2 fight for 12 rounds bringing pressure .charlo better come with that A plus not c not b not A minus Spence will get him ready mark my words it will be a draw

  5. Charlo is one of those emotional unintelligent people…he could have a grocery basket full of stuff and wouldn't understand how to empathize with the one person behind him waiting to pay for a pack of m&ms

  6. this fool taking i would never disrespect ypu like that , when may tryin to share knowledge and game to this brother but he be interupting may 🤔 this make me see this guy dont even know whats respect, when a person thats older then you and he speaking you look into his eyes and pay attention and no inturupted .

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