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Fantastic poker duel of Daniel Negreanu against Phil Laak

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Fantastic poker duel of Daniel Negreanu against Phil Laak in National Heads Up Poker Championship 2011 No Limit Texas Holdem.

27 thoughts on “Fantastic poker duel of Daniel Negreanu against Phil Laak”

  1. Daniel, is my favorite player and the best player in the world, but it doesnt matter.This time I didnt like a single hand the way he played. And honestly it doesnt have to do only with him but generally poker and how some hands should be played.

    1st hand: Phil checks his King and then raises in a way that seems like bluff and he got his money.
    Why its supposed to be an allien move? Since when poker is a standard procedure? There are no rules.
    Why Daniel called? Why he considered that Phil doesnt have King? He called cause its hard to pass after beting first, more than half of the pot.
    So for me, he shouldnt bet 900 for having 55. I would do 3rd check and Phil would check or bet the 900 himself. Then call and lose 900 instead of 2500.
    If it was chech check you lose even less or if Phil has air then you still win 1300. Fair enough. My personal logic in poker when i have mediocre hand and dont want to play agressive is just to win and go to the next hand or lose the possible less money. Im seeing it so many times pro's to focus so much on a hand. This duel was 5-6 hands only cause of this playstyle.

    My logic: If you get raised and you think you may lose, then pass. if you dont want to get raised then check. If you dont want to lose by turns and rivers then Pot the flop and see how your opponents reacts on that.
    At 6.30 Daniel has QQ. He bets 1800, 4200 , 4800. Total 10800 with 3 bets. What i would do against an opponent is to test him once if he can quit at flop or at least at turn. Flop is very good for Daniel, and the pot is 3600. Daniel bets the half. I would bet 4200 because i dont want to see king or ace or lose by anything else stupid at turn or river. Why would you ever do small continuation bet with a stupid QQ pair that can lose later on? Voila, you lost by Ace at river.
    If you bet 3600 or more at flop and Phil calls that, then a good case is to either pass or all in according to how much money you have. if you are so unlucky and your opponents has kk aa or 3 of kind in this round/hand that you decided to do that move, then so be it.
    This move is not be applied often.

    So, after all the bad playing and bad luck, last hand Daniel ended up going all in with top pair 6. Remember what i was saying about doing all in with QQ earlier? It would be much better. Phil would have passed. This time he even got raised at flop. Jesus Daniel. Phil could have easily had any pack above 66 or better as we see. I would pass and blindly all in next hand if i was desperate. You still had 11300 to play. lol. why that desperate all in after being raised? So many questionable moves by Daniel this duel.
    Daniel honestly you were the allien in this match. Phil was great!

    Since im both poker and chess player, im really sorry but, lets face the truth. The only game in this world that requires 0% luck is chess.
    In chess you cant simply beat even a medium 1600 rating player if you are amateur. Pros and grandmasters? well its impossible.
    In poker anyone can beat anyone. Poker is easy. Face it.

  2. Why does Negraneu blink like that. Medical condition? Looks more like a psychological involuntery thing. A Good opponent can use that and figure out what Daniel is thinking when he does blinks rapidly like that for a few seconds.

    Or maybe Danile is doing that just to confuse and throw away his opponents concentration? Misleads them. Considering he has been the power champ for some time now, he sure has good poker face.

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