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Explaining the NHL’s Waiver Wire System

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This is a topic which throws off new fans, but there are times where I am not aware of who is or isn’t eligible for waivers.

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27 thoughts on “Explaining the NHL’s Waiver Wire System”

  1. The caps waived Nathan walker at one point this year. Edmonton picked him up, he played a couple games and got waived again and the caps got him back. Interesting how things work out considering he had that big assist against the pens in game 6

  2. Waivers USED to be a relatively simple process. Most of the time people were waived because a team had maxed out its roster size and wanted to bring another player up. Then the team would waive a player with a one-way contract to send him down.

    Now we have all of these BS rules because of the damn salary cap. Originally GMs would waive players to clear their cap hits off the books. And if another team claimed him, then they were responsible for 100% of the contract anyway……

    And GMs have been cheesing the rules ever since…..

  3. Great video Shannon. I mostly sorta understand but it's very difficult to explain. Esp when you make a video such as you did where people can't ask questions while you speak….As for me to understand. You have to clear waivers before being bought out? and I didn't know all of this. Such as if you already waived a player and then that team puts same player on waivers at a later point that original team gets first crack. I always assumed waivers was just an attempt to keep players in NHL. As I thought waiver players were mostly 1 way contract players who want to be sent to farm team. So every other team has a chance to grab him before sent down. It is more complicated than should be lololol Great Video.

  4. Martin Brodeur was an emergency call up from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in 1991-1992 when both Terreri & Billington went down with injuries.

    In 2008-2009, Martin Brodeur tore his bicep muscle in his catching arm, Devils called up Scott Clemenson and he was on fire 🔥
    When Brodeur came back from the injury later in the season, the Devils had to send Clemensson back to the minors vs. keeping him as a backup goalie because the goaltending roster was set at the beginning of the year of Martin Brodeur & Kevin Weeks.

    What some Devils fans did not understand at the time was if Clemensson stayed up in New Jersey, he would have to clear waivers because he was an emergency call up and the Devils did not want to lose that awesome talent, so they sent him back to the minors in order to keep him in the organization. In no way did the Devils want teams like the NY Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers or Pittsburgh Penguins stealing a blue chip goaltender from their organization.

  5. I'm a newer hockey fan and I was wondering if you could do a video
    explaining the contract issues surrounding draftees from the ncaa. The announcers at the draft mentioned it a few times and I'm not sure how that works. Is it similar to the waiver system? BTW thanks for this vid! I learned a bunch!

  6. Once you get back home can you do a video comparing and contrasting Joe Sakic and Steve Yzerman but not just their careers as players but also as general managers

  7. I'm from Montreal but grew up in the metro Detroit area. I've always wanted Montreal to win and they are the team I will always cheer for but I wish they were more like the RedWings. It would be nice if Montreal was amazing with some french Canadian super stars like Claude Giroux or Patrice Bergeron. Detroit has been such a likeable team to watch throuhout my lifetime. With players like Lidstrom, Yzerman, Zetterburg and Datsyuk. consistent and fun to watch up until recently. Montreal is a constant shit show. I still love em though and will always cheer for Montreal but they are an increasingly difficult team to cheer for. I don't even hate Bergeron as much as most. I have to say though I like Domi, he is so positive. I think he'll be great for the city and far from hitting his ceiling. He has potential and if they can aquire some key pieces I think they'll be fine in a few years. Time will tell…

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