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Erdogan: Khashoggi death order came from highest level

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In an editorial published in the Washington Post, Turkey’s president has issued a powerful statement condemning Saudi Arabia over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

10 thoughts on “Erdogan: Khashoggi death order came from highest level”

  1. As murder is committed in Turkey by 15 men hit squad, Turkey ‎should ensure justice, bring them back, interrogate thoroughly to ‎know abettors/ conspirators, elicit whole truth, investigate in depth, ‎prosecute and punish culprits as per Turkish law. The criminals have ‎no diplomatic immunity. Leniency with killers is severely accountable, ‎inhuman & barbaric. King (custodian of Holy Mosques) / prince ‎continued deceiving/ cheating by telling lies after lies. They cannot be ‎believed/trusted. They protect & shield killers, will never punish. ‎Killers executed their orders obediently. Noble citizens of civilized ‎nations/countries, Saudis, Arabs must unite to force extradition of ‎criminals to Turkey to face trial. ‎
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