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Drew Brees' Emotional Interview After Breaking All-Time NFL Passing Record

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Drew Brees gets emotional in an interview after breaking the all-time NFL passing record, previously held by peyton manning.

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30 thoughts on “Drew Brees' Emotional Interview After Breaking All-Time NFL Passing Record

  1. It's going to be a sad day when Drew walks away from the game. The character of that man is one of a kind literally. I don't care what anyone says greatest quartet back ever!!! One of the last true pocket passers. So grateful grew up a Saints fan and watched with him every bit of the way

  2. Crying iove drew ..i love my SAINTS.. The fact i see them winning because i seen the nlf n others doubt him cut him from chargers the fact nobody but sean took a chance .. Speechless.. Best QB evaaaaa and iam so proud to be a N.O fan … This is the Year for WHODAT

  3. I love my Seahawks…. Go RW and B Wags!

    However, 🙄🙄🙄

    Though I Love my Hawks….
    if I'm going to be brutally honest, this is the year of a Saints / Chiefs battle for the Lombardi trophy 🏆🏆
    Saints win….
    38 – 36.

    The Saints have experience to draw from, imo
    Brees-Payton have become rock solid, with a great defense to complement. And, their RBs & Recievers are playing phenomenal

  4. I dont care for sports much but as a NOLA native, theres no denying what an icon this dude is. When the Saints win a game, you can feel the whole fucking city come together to celebrate. I sincerely hope he gets that second super bowl ring. He deserves it.

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