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Draymond Green: I've been fouled by James Harden on a Harden 3-pointer | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Draymond Green wanted nothing to do with James Harden complaining about the officiating after the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in Game 1, saying he’s been fouled by Harden when Harden was shooting a 3-pointer. He also breaks down what they did right and what they can improve on going into Game 2.
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50 thoughts on “Draymond Green: I've been fouled by James Harden on a Harden 3-pointer | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  1. Don’t blame harden for refs officiating, they set their standards And he took advantage, why does the warriors get different calls then the rest of the league.

  2. Draymond played a good game,but i felt he was rushing & pushing the ball to fast up the court when they could have been trying to work time off the clock & he still to emotional, at one point i thought the refs were going to eject him because he couldn't stop running his mouth! Just play the game green!

  3. Not a James Harden fan at all but he was fouled on that last 3 late in the game. He’s the boy who cried wolf lol. He flops all the time and like draymond said he fouls people during the shot lol. It’s no surprise that the refs won’t give him every call because he shot 14 free throws that game. I’m sure half of those he flopped. Harden is exposed and it’s really soft to complain about not getting calls when you shoot over 15 free throws most of the time. Honestly his numbers are similar to Westbrook but Westbrook doesn’t get as many free throws and he misses the ones he gets

  4. Say whatever you want but Warriors ain’t winning this series if Chef Curry doesn’t go blazing hot in some point of this series. This lad breaks the heart and hope of the whole Arena within few minutes.
    I am waiting for Steph to shoot like Steph we all know.

  5. Forget James Harden. He doesn't deserve a single one of these calls. Dude creates the contact himself by diving forward. Such nonsense- if you took out these calls he would have 3/4 the stats he has. Not a Warriors fan whatsoever (they killed my Cavs lol).. but I'm pulling for them because I don't want Harden's ticky-tac, play like a coward style to be rewarded.

    He also pushed off significantly before the shot. That's far more of a foul and has much more of an impact on the overall play than jumping into someone's space (even tho Harden kicked Green) because ultimately it's after the ball has gone up

  6. Rockets almost broke their record from last year they missed 37 threes in Game 7 last year they missed 34 threes in Game 1 now that’s 71 missed 2 games!! But u need a fair chance?? How about give yourself a chance by not jacking up so many threes!!

  7. There will be a signature Harden flop move on NBA 2k20. Before you shoot a 3 he will take 2 steps sideways and when u contest the shot he will fall down on his ass and lay down on his back😂

  8. Yeah Draymond stop crying like a bitch and play ball. Because you match up well against Houston hitting those 8 footers and passing the ball. Play ball do not complain and get more technicals because if you get suspended in this series you might cost your team a title for the second time. Play ball and do not engage the refs…

  9. But how the hell does he land 3 feet(he's meaning forward) from where he shot the ball from when James Harden always does a step back, and for you to contest the shot you as the defender have to come forward. That's a bullshit response from draymond

  10. I love the way Draymond Green speaks to the media. Honestly, some of these top players arent tactful. There are NO egregious questions coming from these individuals and the fact that many have such complaints and chips on their shoulders in speaking comes across as selfish. Grow up guys. Good going Draymond.

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