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Djokovic, Federer Set Semi Clash; Thiem Qualifies for London | Paris 2018 Quarter-Final Highlights

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Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic thrilled night session crowds in Bercy on quarter-final day at the Rolex Paris Masters …Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round:

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46 thoughts on “Djokovic, Federer Set Semi Clash; Thiem Qualifies for London | Paris 2018 Quarter-Final Highlights”

  1. again federer wins only big tournaments since 2008 … if the current best player is injured…. 10 years ago Federer won grandslams because Nadal was injured ,,,, and 2017 djokovic was not in shape and was injured …. not Nadal was the best player of the last 7 years … but djokovic. … and you federer fans must hope that djokovic injured in a tournament begins …. only so winning federer grandslams since 2008….. and everyone who denies that …. is blind … and a hypocrite

  2. i'm a fed fan and i don't see him winning.his game has too many holes right now. it maybe good enough to beat second tier fodder like nishikori and all others like him,but to beat nadal/djokovic(the very best),he needs his swashbuckling 2017 self back.or atleast AO 2018 fed.this fed just won't beat novak,especially with nole being in this unreal form.

  3. Thiem is probably my favorite player that is around 25 years old. I can definitely see him win a masters 1000 title on clay and maybe Roland Garros in a few years. Go thiem

  4. Saturday's semi-final between Federer and Djokovic will be their 10th consecutive meeting at the Nitto ATP Finals, an ATP World Tour Masters 1000 event or a Grand Slam. what does it mean?

  5. I hope that there will be at least more drama than their Cincy final.

    The way Federer served against Nishikori was awesome, but it’s proven over and over again that he mentally chokes against Djokovic.

    He can’t afford it. If anything was learned from the Cilic match, you can’t have any let downs against Novak; otherwise you’re done.

    I hope Federer wins though, and narrows the H2H a bit at least and avenges Cincy. But I don’t think so.

    Prediction: Djokovic def. Federer 6-4 3-6 6-2

  6. if he plays like on the AO and Indian Wells he would win Djokovic no problem, but his backhand is not at that level at the moment, and overall his level. For me Roger is at 70% of his best.

  7. Novak !!는 서비스, 완고함, 평온함, 집중력과 함께 중단없이 Roger 를 다시 극복 할 것입니다.
    지금 당신의 뇌와 씻어 내고, 당신의 기억 속에 구멍을 내고, 당신이 가장 강하고 최고의 테니스 선수라고 생각하십시오. Fighting 💪💪



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