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Derrick Lewis vs Daniel Cormier faceoff | WEIGH-INS | UFC 230

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Chris Weidman and Ronaldo Souza Faceoff at the UFC 230 weigh-ins at MSG.

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Derrick Lewis vs Daniel Cormier faceoff | WEIGH-INS | UFC 230


24 thoughts on “Derrick Lewis vs Daniel Cormier faceoff | WEIGH-INS | UFC 230”

  1. Derrick Lewis and Daniel Cormier should've fought for that Popeyes contract. Whoever wins gets an unlimited supply of Popeyes chicken for life LOL

  2. Like I said who do you got. Even Stevie Wonder could have picked that fight and seen what was going to happen the heavyweight Division I tell you one thing is a shell of what it used to be for the UFC. They need some new blood bad. DC retires. It'll be called the ghost division. I mean Cain Velazquez used to be good seven years ago five less injuries years ago two less back surgeries less a knee surgery lots of guys are gone. They really need to build that the vision up. Heavyweight sell. I mean they're so desperate or even bringing back what Brock Lesnar. Derrick Lewis nice guy but he would get killed even in Bellator. Like I said marginal fighter and lo and behold he gotten stopped the second round. He was lucky he got that far. Like I said a guy that can't even be a once-great fighter but now way past his prime over the hill Mark hunt. Is okay at best.

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