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Darren Till deliberately tried to ínjure Wonderboy’s surgícally repaired knee?,Whittaker on Tyron

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Robert Whittaker on Tyron Woodley,

Colby Covinton on Tyron Woodley,

RDA on his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov,

Rory Macdonald on Gegard Mousasi,
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Darren Till still wants to compete at Welterweight,
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Stephen Thompson on Darren Till,
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And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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23 thoughts on “Darren Till deliberately tried to ínjure Wonderboy’s surgícally repaired knee?,Whittaker on Tyron”

  1. I really like Wonderboy, and root for him always. But to say that he didn't know if kicking the knee was legal or not……really? As long as he has been in the game? My take is this: I don't think there is a fighter out there that wouldn't prey on an opponent's weakness(es), technical or medical. They study their opponents carefully, or should. If Thompson's knee was an issue, he shouldn't be in the octagon, period, end of report.

  2. Dirty fighting ??? Dirty is eye poking, scratching, hitting back of the head, biting….groin punch or kick……. Anything else goes. Looks like people are getting as stupid as the multi media they use and are addicted to way too much crap these days.

  3. He deliberately tried to hurt a fighter… in a fight! How dare he. This shit is getting ridiculous now. When did WB and his fans become snowflakes?

  4. I have always regarded high kicks as the ultimate of ultimate. They require talent.
    Low kicks are just cheap shots. There's nothing grande about them. They are low blows.

  5. What is it with the bogey eating and Darren? there must be a meaning to it, does anyone know? as not the best thing to be known for or am I getting old now and thats cool??

  6. Dirty? Its fighting. Is it dirty to kick someone in the head with the intent of knocking them unconscious? If Wonderboys leg is such a liability that no one is allowed to kick his leg anymore then he should not be a fighter.

  7. Tyron needs to shut the fuck up, he hasn't fought in nearly a year and his last 3 fights were 1 draw and 2 decisions , I hate to say it but I agree with Colby, he will cash out after Colby fight cause he spends more time avoiding than fighting.
    People on Till's back for winning , so what if he repeatedly kicked the leg, that's called fighting IQ and if you are competing in UFC with a legit dodgey leg you're a moron (which Thompson clearly isn't). Thompson is one of the best strikers ever in the history of the UFC but he fights too cautious, Till deserved that for constantly stalking and controlling the octagon, alot of Thompson strikes did not land, Till to be Champ by the end of the year.

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