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Daniel Cormier gives his thoughts on his upcoming title fight at UFC 230 | UFC 230

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Daniel Cormier gives his thoughts on his upcoming heavyweight title fight against “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 in New York.

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Daniel Cormier gives his thoughts on his upcoming title fight at UFC 230 | UFC 230


35 thoughts on “Daniel Cormier gives his thoughts on his upcoming title fight at UFC 230 | UFC 230”

  1. I still want to give Cormier the benefit of the doubt. But three eye pokes on stipe is suspicious. Not only was he getting overpowered but it was a record for eye pokes and a championship fight those odds tell me he isnt as admirable as we have been making him out to be after towelgate I knew he was someone that will bend the rules but after fighting dirty like that I dont respect him anymore.

  2. He is right though its bad luck to touch before the fight, conor slapped Nate Diaz hand and lost, conor slapped khabib's hand and lost, Ronda put her fist on Holly's face and lost, the list goes on and on

  3. LOL, DC practicing his upcoming WWE character, the GOAT Pound For Pound King of the Cage. You gotta practice being fake when it stops getting handed to you on a silver platter. Still chasing the dream he really never accomplished. Fight Cane, defend your title against someone you know can beat you. Bones will suffice I guess. Is DC going to get away with retiring without backing up the years of trash talk he has given Bones? Dollar says he wants to avoid Bones as much as possible. Just look at him being interviewed all year, discussing whether or not Bones will be back. Hey, DC, you chose the career. It, in your case, comes with being knocked out in your last fight with your nemesis.

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