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Curry on playing against brother when he’s hot from field

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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry talks about turnovers and playing against his brother, Seth Curry, when his sibling his having a hot night from the field.

Video by Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group



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28 thoughts on “Curry on playing against brother when he’s hot from field

  1. I don't actually like the players rotation in that game with the trailblazers. Why a player like steph need to be remove when he start making shots.

  2. The shot would not be needed if curry didn’t turn the ball over they were up by 2 on overtime see how curry brick the game tying shot on the 4th, if it weren’t for kd they wouldn’t even go to overtime..curry at times look nervous when he’s shot is not falling ..that crucial turnover on overtime really pissed me off

  3. Steph looks like a bum these days , over dribbling , running around like an ass giving the ball up trying to get it back instead of dribbling into a shot by slowing down .

  4. Whats up with missing the open shots? They frick'n practice everyday making these shots…by now they should be making these shots with their eyes closed. Personally I think Klay should come off the bench…he doesn't want to admit he's in slump, but it couldn't be more clear and frankly its gotten old.

  5. Its all rigged from arguments to losing games halfhearted efforts it's all in the plan to keep interest in the NBA .they'll let the warriors do there thing come playoffs it's all about money FIXED great actors

  6. If you settle down , God will send someone to help me now, Melissa Davis, Nesha and Justin Jerrod Davis and Obama, and Obamacare, and where is your 3point fighting Father Dail Curry and all.

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