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Colin Cowherd reacts to Kevin Durant's injury, discusses what's next for his career | NBA | THE HERD

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Last night during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant re-injured himself and his future is now more than ever up in the air. Hear Colin Cowherd’s reaction to the injury and what he believes KD should do now.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Colin Cowherd reacts to Kevin Durant’s injury, discusses what’s next for his career | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

27 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd reacts to Kevin Durant's injury, discusses what's next for his career | NBA | THE HERD

  1. This is a love/hate world… Beneficial and they love you. You're not then they hate you. They hated Khawhi last year for choosing his health first and now they love him this year… Khawhi was smart if I end my career my money is gone and who's gonna provide for my family. Surely not the organization , media or fans… Durant let the media, GSW, and emotions get the best of him and it's gonna cost him… Name one player that was not effected from a Achilles injury

  2. There's 2 things to mention.

    1. First, he had a calf strain, now he has an achilles tear. There's a reason for that.

    When you have a calf strain, it may or may not have been hear his achilles… but in order to let it heal, it demands you take the load off of it and keep it off it for weeks or months.

    KD's case, it took a month until his calf no longer hurt, but that isn't all that's involved in healing. Another major component is to rejuvenate the elastic strength of the achilles. It takes time and incremental loading to rejuvenate the Achilles… so it's not a big shocker that KD injured the partially atrophied Achilles.

    2. There's 2 possibilities for the achilles. He could have a lower achilles tear… he could have an upper achilles tear… and it matters which (and before anyone says it, yes he grabbed his lower achilles, but that's expected either way. NBA players know about achilles tears, and they know to grab and test their achilles near the heel. You can also see KD trying to point his toe… so yeah… KD's reaction was clearly a EDUCATED reaction, so grabbing the heel isn't really evidence of anything.)

    So… here's why it matters.

    A lower achilles tear takes longer to heal and has less material to build scar tissue around. It's also usually torn a few inches away from the heel… so it's harder for a surgeon to secure a good healing position for the lower achilles tear.

    IF KD IS LUCKY, he actually reinjured his calf/achilles area. The calf is meaty, the achilles is thicker and flatter at that point… it heals A LOT sturdier… BUT… the fact that he was on the floor at all probably means his initial injury was healed and he had no pain. THIS means he probably had good scarring, which is stronger than non-scarred areas. So… it might be less likely to reinjure near the calf. It really depends on whether atrophy or premature load caused the tear.

  3. White man (Myers) never wants to accept responsibility for the blame and pressure they put on black bodies. KD fell to that pressure. Warriors fans/ dub nation is to blame for generating that pressure. Funny how when an athlete does something they're guilty. But when an owner does something nobodies at fault!! Nobodies to blame. These things just happen…..

    after my paid off team doctor and fans question his heart to play.

    Why do athletes esp black athletes have to prove their willingness to sacrifice themselves for white entertainment?

  4. Guys, he's right!! All of those former players saying he shouldn't have played… If they were in the same situation and you're the star and team is losing ALL OF THEM would have played!!! It's the finals!!! I've never heard of someone who didn't want to play on them!!

  5. If golden state was true they would've cared about his health. They only cared about winning. They knew his Achilles was torn to some point. He doesn't gain anything from staying in Golden State. He is not staying in golden state. I mark my word.

  6. If KD had signed the max contract of a gazillion dollars with the Warriors, would they let him play down 1-3? If I were Bob Meyers, I would exercise my GM veto, regardless of what the medical staff, the coaches, the players, the fans and KD himself have to say. He wouldn't have played. The investment risk would be too great, particularly with a new arena to fill.

  7. It sucks he got hurt, but business is business. You can't give him a massive long term deal now. He won't play next year how do you sell that to fans? He might as well exercise his player option with the Warriors, and try to be healthy for the playoffs..

  8. Medical negligence, warriors knew better.. of course Durant wanted to be out there and help his team try and win a championship, who wouldn’t. You don’t take an entire month off, not even be able to do a full practice the 2 days before the game, then have Steve Kerr come out there and parade you around to try and scare the Opponent by saying Durant is playing with no minutes restrictions, then push poor Durant’s body playing him 12 of 14 minutes before “pop”.. they used him as a pawn in their game and that’s where Durant was naive thinking they had his best interest in mind, Kawai Lenord was right to handle the spurs situation like he did, because teams use and abuse players and at the end of the day “it’s just business”!!!!

  9. It doesn't feel like family when the Warriors have so many envious haters like Charles Barkley, Jalen Rose rooting for the foreign country's team to win, the one with fans cheering on a player's injury, never seen before in NBA history.

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