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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights / Game 3 / 2018 NBA Finals

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🏀Cleveland Cavaliers vs GS Warriors Full Game Highlights / Game 3 / 2018 NBA Finals / NBA Playoffs

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35 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights / Game 3 / 2018 NBA Finals”

  1. Nah nah chill Durant you can't be acting like you're all that after that 3 pointer because you joined the best team in the NBA and tjey were better without you Kevin Durant ima real fan for real but I gotta keep it real then they beat y'all before in the finals then u went and joined an come on u cant be serious I need a time machine

  2. Warriors play way too smart and savvy. On the other hand, Cavs got just a player who comes to play every game. Lebron, it's time for you to find teammates. I mean by real serious ones. Go Lebron!!!

  3. Want to hear a jowk?

    Javale McGee is receiving his second ring with 1 loss in the finals…

    Another jowk…

    Lebron break a new record…

    4-0 in the FINALS

    Well Played..😀😀😀

  4. Lebron is doing more for the game than rings. He owns , He's the face and he speaks on behalf of all the players literally . Did Jordan do that? Did he co -own a agency that signs players? Can he sign for the Largest contract in basketball history this summer? There it is . Finals record means nothing to me. Be a better business man and player while 33 and still own the league after losing. LARGER THAN LIFE! drops Mic

  5. Who's even a decent player in Lbj's team? maybe kevin love, but thats it. Warriors got other than KD and Curry; possibly the top 10 best players in the league rn and pretty decent players like green and klay thompson, Mcgee is also underated. Lbj just got it rough. Pls trade your whole team.

  6. LeBron quit this game you can tell in his body language he just wanted the game to be over and loose and when you see your suppose leader quit why should the team give a f*** they quit to that's why he'll never be the greatest

  7. KD for me is historically great at scoring, he can score in so many different ways, what makes him great is, hes so efficient, hes always like 12-17, 14-20, 17-24, 18-27 and so on, he scores a lot on very few attempts, he is the perfect player for the warriors, also people marvel at how great steph and klay are from downtown, id say KD is just as good as those 2 guys if not better at shooting 3's.

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