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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | 10.25.2018, NBA Season

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Cavs vs Pistons Full Game Highlights | 10.25.2018

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36 thoughts on “Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | 10.25.2018, NBA Season”

  1. Dwayne Casey is a great coach…he keeps proving it!
    He beat Lebron with Dallas for a ring
    He took the Raptors to the number 1 in the East and the Conf finals
    He is reshaping Detroit into the team to beat in the East
    Can't wait to see Detroit vs Toronto!

  2. The Front Office is still pushing for the guys with big contracts to play big minutes. They can’t trade em’ either so the Cavs are essentially stuck until the LeBron holdovers’ contracts are up.

  3. 1) So…now that LeBron left, is Coach Lue still COACH OF THE YEAR MVP HOF?!?! Oh wait…..
    2) What is Lue's game plan without LeGoat because they are 0-4 in a weak conference
    3) I wonder when Cavs play Lakers if LeBron will drop 50+
    4) Cavs have always been a dumpster fire. People truly do not comprehend how amazing LeBron is. Cry when he is retired

  4. No one can be like him on what lebron did into the CAVS it's not ordinary even you put micheal jordan into cavs think about it in a 100 times !
    Look what is CAVS now the only person was missing is lebron add one superstar lets see if CAVS will be the same again ?

    He's package into a whole team is everything !
    If he want to score he can score more that 50 but he always want to share the ball to school his teamate specially young players of LAKERS and he always wanted to share his talent he can make a star player on his team that is one of his ability

    If you are a high IQ person you will observe everything he always wanted to tell to the whole organization of NBA and to all people watching NBA that balling is not all about high score by a single star player it is all about a team to become great and it is all about his teamate to become a star player Where are those star player in miami heat now ?
    Is kevin love will gonna be a star player again this year ?

    Wake up people open your mind !

    A very rare mentality with higher IQ level it is only the KING LBJ and whatever you become a haters there is only one person in NBA history to be called KING
    Not micheal jordan or anybody you might already die even me but the future the history will not gonna change that one man carry on his shoulder a worst team into championship by a code name called the KING !

    put a single star player into the cavs like curry , kd , harden or even micheal jordan

    If you are smart person you already know the answer

  5. So I have recently started following NBA highlights because basketball is an amazing sport. Second game I have watched of the Pistons and it seems the Arena isn’t’t filled to capacity like the other teams home games. Also, atmosphere isn’t the same. Am I onto something here or is it just the way it has always been?

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