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Claressa Shields vs. Hanna Gabriels Highlights

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The judges have it 97-92, 98-91 and 97-92 for Claressa Shields, who passed a big-time test vs. Hanna Gabriels. Now, she’s a unified middleweight titlist.

But still, she had to overcome some adversity with that first-round knockdown.

“She caught me with a shot in the first. I was thinking, ‘You still got it. Be smart, use your jab and tire her out,'” Shields told Showtime after the fight. … “Now, I’m really dangerous. They know they can knock me down, and I’m going to get back up and fight harder.”

Then, Shields got a little rambunctious. She called out Christina Hammer, and the two nearly came to blows in the center of the ring (with Showtime’s Steve Farhood nearly getting run over by Shields in the process). Plenty of trash-talking ensued.

Meanwhile, Gabriels was asked about the first-round knockdown of Shields, and she said it didn’t change her mindset. “I kept working. She’s very fast, and she does have a lot of power. I’m a smaller kid, and I probably felt it more.”

Gabriels said she didn’t think the gap was as wide as the judges said, but she put it smartly when she said, “For the fans, I don’t think it went wrong at all.”

28 thoughts on “Claressa Shields vs. Hanna Gabriels Highlights”

  1. Good fight …Gabriel’s might of won if she used her jab to control distance better …shields needs to shut up about how great she is and keep learning

  2. This claressa shields t rex character getting rocked in this sport. Those judges suck balls. Clearly everyone can see this t rex loser lost. Worn out

  3. Hanna Gabriels wasn't afraid of Sheilds power she knew she didn't have the power to put her down so she kept leading with her head out there if Sheilds really had some power this fight would've been over in the 3rd or 4th cause she kept catching her clean with that left hook and straight right

  4. What is it with the flapping punches female fighters have the habit of throwing? Katie Taylor is an example of a female boxer who throws composed shots instead of just flapping her arms out.

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