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Champions League roundup: Manchester City wins, Manchester United doesn’t | ESPN FC

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Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley of ESPN FC react to a pair of UEFA Champions League games: Manchester City vs Hoffenheim (0:00) which ended 2-1 thanks to a David Silva winning goal, and Manchester United vs Valencia (1:46), which ended 0-0 and shone a light on the struggles of Romelu Lukaku and the potential need to put Marcus Rashford on the pitch more.

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24 thoughts on “Champions League roundup: Manchester City wins, Manchester United doesn’t | ESPN FC”

  1. English media and fans saying city are ucl favourites is hilarious, they dont have the history or current ucl form, winning 1 of their last 4 games in it. Juve, real madrid, barcelona, bayern and liverpool are favourites and i'd put juventus top now given that they have ronaldo to an already very strong squad and unbeaten so far.

  2. English teams, English teams, English teams, blah blah Barca Real Madrid, English teams English teams, Juve, English teams English teams English teams, PSG, English teams English teams English teams. Your typical espn fc show. Boring lazy pundits. Carry on.

  3. Liverpool beat sours and brighton by 1 goal playing poorly "'that's what teams challenging do" City win away from home by 1 goal against 12 men including a bent ref and "City scrape a lucky win"………you can slant the games however you want to fit your agenda !!!

  4. hoffeninham are in the bottom half of bundliga $ity struggled, mouthrinho needs to go to a new advanced coaching course because he is way way out of date, i dont think any top team in europe will go for him after he gets sacked, united are garbage and that’s just being nice , lukaku is a basketball/rugby player playing football and pogba just bounces up and down the pitch, like wtf man, no top team but psg will try to get him and that’s only if neymar leaves for madrid, epl is way way overrated and liverpool are only doing good because of Klopp and because they are the top historically club of england of europe even then i guarantee psg will finish top of their group and will get it right under tuchel

  5. even if uefa brings in var for cl their will still be biased decisions and fans will complain, var is good and the step in the right direction but believe me the corrupt will always finger you.

  6. I don't have Man City fans, but I watched it on TV not a city fan, but it felt frustrated me, because they didn't want to put the ball in the box not wanting to put bodies in the box, and when they did they scored, so many times I was going at the TV cross it.

  7. How the hell can City be favorites? Liverpool are bigger favorites if we look at the english team. Then you have Juventus, Real Madrid (I know they lost Ronaldo but still has better team than City).

  8. Lukaku needs to be substited at times, he is human too. Sometimes he is not playing well and Mourihno still keeps him on the field while the young lads sits and watch

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