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Chael Sonnen: Demetrious Johnson Needs TJ Dillashaw, TJ Doesn’t Need DJ

Chael Sonnen on Demetrious Johnson turning down TJ Dillashaw fight: TJ doesnt need DJ, DJ needs TJ. Compares to Anderson Silva, Muhammad Ali calling himself the greatest.
From You’re Welcome podcast (5/25/17).

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26 thoughts on “Chael Sonnen: Demetrious Johnson Needs TJ Dillashaw, TJ Doesn’t Need DJ

  1. Dj doesn't need tj he won't make more money and if he wins same people who thinks he's the best will think that and the people who shit on him for being little will still think that. And as for him ducking tj he's is not the number one contender at 125 he's not a champ and he's on a 1 fight winning streak. Tj has no right to that fight.

  2. Hey man you got good channel, good content but I have to unsubscribe the amount of ads are just unbearable it's every 2 minutes 5/6 adds on a 10 min video is just to much. I like to listen while I drive and it's just to much hopefully you will cut down a lil in the future.

  3. If DJ ducks TJ he's out of the P4P talks. To be honest there is no GOAT in MMA atm, all the "greats" are steroid cheats. BUT – if DJ mans up and beats TJ he's the GOAT to me. Based off skills, and how much I respect TJ as a fighter.

  4. Demetrious Johnson would absolutely get paid more money on every fight if he beats TJ Dillashaw. If he Ducks TJ at his weight class then he should be removed from the pound-for-pound number one spot. DJ keep saying he's not chasing a record and then proves that that's exactly what he's doing

  5. If Demetrius Johnson ducks TJ he's going to lose a lot of fans and rightfully so. DJ ran through the division, some people twice. DJ lost to Dom Cruz, Cruz vs TJ was a split decision and a very close fight. If DJ does not take this fight he is a fucking bitch. DJ knows he is going to lose or at the very least get tested. The 135 Lb division is one of the weakest divisions in the entire UFC. DJ's ppv numbers are a joke, he needs this fight

  6. Bro u wanted milions to go up to 135, now a former 135 champ is coming down to 125, and you dont even want milions??? You want Ray Borg?ccc

  7. Can't be P4P #1 when you won't fight ppl who travel weight. Lol the very definition of being P4P he is avoiding.

    He's scared that he'll lose and his legacy of being "p4p number one" will be destroyed. It's about time, there's no one else in that division.

  8. DJ won't take this fight Bc it's an actual real threat to him. He complains about no money fights, but when a money fight – a fight ppl actually want to see him in – he's like nah. It's obvious he's scared. Man up. Even if he loses he gains respect, but he loses it all if he dodges a real fighter in TJ.

  9. Chael makes no sense. If that's the case then tj should stay at 135 and fight dom for a title elimination fight. He's acting like dj needs him he's doing fine running his division. And like dj said tj should go down there and get a win if he wants that title shot

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