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[BREAKING NEWS] Lakers fall to Bucks 131-120; LeBron: 31 Pts; Giannis: 16 Pts; Ingram: 31 Pts

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23 thoughts on “[BREAKING NEWS] Lakers fall to Bucks 131-120; LeBron: 31 Pts; Giannis: 16 Pts; Ingram: 31 Pts

  1. It meant for LeBron to miss the playoffs he been to the finals 7 straight years he never really done had a break he miss the play offs this year I guarantee he snap next year 💯

  2. Just wanted to remind the Kobe groupies that LeBron still > Kobe and that is how history will remember it. So while you still have a chance come to the side of factual reality.

    If you don’t think LeBron is the GOAT that’s fine. But, to think that Kobe is better is the most delusional crack head level nonsense the NBA fan world has ever known.

  3. LBJ brings winning urgency and intensity to any team. Players are inspired but must show it with their focused consistency. Magic and Buss promised Superstar help. LBJ takes all the heat for losses, coaching, mediocre players and collusion issues. Lakers played well against Bucs. LBJ's injury cannot be ignored on defense.
    Lakers must strategize Differently for 3rd and 4th quarters. Magic is new and not putting together best team to move forward. Unfortunately Lakers with a Jerry west would have had no problem assembling the right players at this point to make playoffs.

  4. I dont think things will get better if they fire Luke Walton. Unless they get a coach that uses lots of pick and rolls and pick and pops. I think they need lonzos playmaking back on the court. Or to trade lebron. Or to give lebron someone like kyrie

  5. People need to remember that LeNeverBJordan started last season with…..

    Derrick Rose
    Kyle Korver
    Kevin Love
    Isaiah Thomas
    Dwayne Wade

    ….Let that sink in. This bitch always complaining about what he hasn't gotten, when the bitch had 5 allstars last season and still couldn't do shit. How long is the media gonna push this "poor lebron" narrative???? Geeesh!!!!

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