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Brady, Gronk & Michel Lead Pats to 1st TD of the Game | Super Bowl LIII Can’t-Miss Play

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Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Sony Michel help their team get the first touchdown of the game. The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during during Super Bowl LIII.

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29 thoughts on “Brady, Gronk & Michel Lead Pats to 1st TD of the Game | Super Bowl LIII Can’t-Miss Play

  1. Anyone saying this was a boring football game doesn't actually enjoy football games, rather football highlights. Games aren't supposed to be 37-42 or with both teams having 500+ yards. This was an amazing, old-school grind it out defensive game. Loved it

  2. I'm getting a kick out of the lame "Boring Superbowl" comments.
    This game was a chess match by two of the Defensive Grand Masters in NFL history:
    Philips and the Emperor himself – > Bill Belichick..
    Textbook – benchmark defense by both teams.
    I've never seen anything like it before.
    Nobody was giving up an inch.
    Game was one for the ages
    Clueless idiots. Now go back to playing your Madden and XBox

  3. I understand good defense doesn't translate well to television for the not-so-serious football fan but something you people need to realize is this isn't reality TV. Those defenses were dawgs out there. It wasn't boring if you appreciate football as a whole. I was so stoked to see that the ability to play defense at a high level isn't a lost art. What an incredible game and GO PATS!!!

  4. Gronk gets them down to the two and then he keeps the lane open for Michell to run through it to score the TD. Gronk is so valuable to the team in so many ways they need to keep him around for a few more years if he is willing to stay.

  5. The most boring Super Bowl? I don’t get it. I changed the channel right after halftime in one of the most hyped up Super Bowls ever which was the Seattle vs Denver one. Who stayed to watch that blowout?

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