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Boxing’s Greatest Revenge! Part 1

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Revenge is a dish best served cold! SmB Boxing presents some of the greatest revenge wins in boxing history. (Part 1)

41 thoughts on “Boxing’s Greatest Revenge! Part 1”

  1. Its a shame Joshua and whyte dont get along the both good guys and whyte is funny aswell but im not sure what the fued is all about as to why they dont like each other.

  2. Joshua such a b** for what he did against Wilder I was really liking Josh as the heavyweight champ and thought he was going to be the one but seeing how he is ducking and the way he lies just to Hype up another fight even though they agreed to give them everything you wanted with the Wilder fight straight coward no respect

  3. Lost my voice for 3 days yelling in glee after RJJ got KTFO by Tarver. No doubt one of the fastest ever, RJJ referred to himself in the 3rd person in nearly every sentence ("in order to beat a Roy Jones Jr, one must have Roy Jones Jr speed and talent") and it made me sick to hear it. His speed protected that glass jaw, and only when he slowed down and was finally caught, did the truth come out. His ego was unbearable. Glad Tarver bested him 2/3.

  4. Tarver has been caught twice on PED's, I think tarver used them against Roy Jones Jr. and I really wanted someone to beat Roy Jones, I was like YEAH! when Jones got knocked out… But as time passed and Tarver was caught on PED's I realized… its a possibility… Jones hasnt been the same since… He was the best skilled boxer of all time in his prime… and I always wanted him to get beat… lol…

  5. The more i watch this, the more I realise that wbo needs to change it to WBE world boxing entertainment . So many rigged decisions. Only in America😂😂

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