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Boston Celtics vs Oklahoma City Thunder 1st Half Highlights | 10.25.2018, NBA Season

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Boston Celtics vs Okc Thunder 1st Half Highlights | 10.25.2018

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30 thoughts on “Boston Celtics vs Oklahoma City Thunder 1st Half Highlights | 10.25.2018, NBA Season”

  1. Bruh I watched the whole game & Westbrook is so overrated man.. Russ is an average player at best.. His shot is ugly & broke.. And as a point guard his decision making is atrocious.. When he passes the ball, you have the feeling that he is padding his stats.. It makes me cringe when ppl say this guy is better than Steph let alone a top 5 player in the league.. There is one positive thing about this guy.. He's athletic that's it.. I'll give him that.. When compared to Steph, yeah he is a better ATHLETE than Steph but Steph is much a BETTER BASKETBALL PLAYER than him.. I mean they are oceans apart man.. When you watch Steph swishing 3's after 3's then you have to watch those supposedly better guys than him brick 'em.. Smh

  2. Its only da beginning of da season the cs will improve as season goes on and the cs will be playing come post season🍀the celtics are deep they have alot of great players but its about playing together as a team overall effort

  3. The Thunder were running some good plays this game with their off-ball screens. That is a very effective offensive strategy that more and more teams are using more. Off-ball movement and ball movement makes it easier to score than just relying on isolations and pick and rolls. I actually saw Westbrook pushing guys off George when setting him off-ball screens, something I don't think I've seen specifically. So it will be very interesting to see how Westbrook develops as a team player because I am a huge fan of his 1v1 skills and also his attitude on and off the court. He's a no nonsense type of go-getter but would be great to see him bond with the team and take OKC to a championship.

  4. Man I hate to say it. With my team is trash. I thought the Thunder would at least be top 6 in the West this year but by the looks of it they probably won't even make it to the playoffs. Especially of Russell Westbrook keeps this up

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