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Birmingham Iron vs. Atlanta Legends | AAF Week 3 Game Highlights

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Birmingham Iron vs. Atlanta Legends | AAF Week 3 Game Highlights

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44 thoughts on “Birmingham Iron vs. Atlanta Legends | AAF Week 3 Game Highlights

  1. Are NFL practice squad players allowed to sign to these teams rosters ? Can the NFL send players to this league to refine their skill sets and make them into better NFL players ? If that happens this league would be super fun to watch . But watching Christian Hackenberg play football lost interest back just after his college days at QB Let the Tim Boyles and Desean Kizer's play in this AAF league. They need to play a lot if they are ever going to be any good at the next level . Put them in this league and make them work on the things they are weakest at while in this minor league. The AAF would be sooo much more interesting if that were the case .

  2. Honestly I don't think Matt Simms should be starting for Atlanta. I think Aaron Murray deserves a chance. I may be thinking that because I am a UGA Football fan and plus the team sucks with Simms at quarterback.

  3. Pretty good football. I hope people starts coming to games and filling up the stadiums. I checked out prices and they are just fine, starting at 20 bucks. Nice activity to enjoy good weather this early spring watching football. NFL is rigged and this AAF will make NFL establishment to rethink about how this last season ended. And next year XFL will be rolling in. Wouldn't be great a final between the AAF and XFL champions?

  4. QP and Perez are just in sync since day one I swear, I wish the legends would put Denard Robinson as a qb in a wildcat formation or something i really feel like he got cheated from a shot as a qb in the nfl he didnt do terrible in Michigan i think he definitely wouldve panned out better than Bortles

  5. I'm a Vikings fan and I actually was rooting for Salt Lake but the more I watched the Iron the more I liked them. Adding to their awesome uniforms. Simple and slick. I love it.

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