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Bill Simmons not overreacting to Markelle Fultz’s preseason with 76ers | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN

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Jalen Rose, David Jacoby and Bill Simmons discuss Philadelphia 76ers point guard Markelle Fultz and his impressive performance in his second preseason game. They offer their takes on if he will continue to perform well in upcoming weeks despite having to face Jayson Tatum of Boston.

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28 thoughts on “Bill Simmons not overreacting to Markelle Fultz’s preseason with 76ers | Jalen & Jacoby | ESPN”

  1. Tatum is getting to the point where the hype is a little too high to be honest. Not saying he isn’t good, not saying he isn’t a star, but Bill out here saying “the next Kevin Durant”. Let’s slow down there, KD averaged 20 as a rook, Tatum averaged just under 14. And yes I know what he did in the playoffs, but still we don’t know this guys ceiling and many people (Boston fans) tend to think too highly of him too early.

  2. Tatum is better than old man LeBron. I was looking forward to seeing Kevin Durant actually have someone who would try to defend him in the finals. He just needs to realize he's that good. Like that guy knocked LeBron out, and then got nervous. Nothing against legacy LeBron. 2 different guys. For the record LeBron is only going to play 20 minutes a game. Only question is will he spend another 20 on the court resting or on the bench resting. The young bucks are here.

  3. Fultz is gonna be good, man. Yeah, he still doesn't look amazing, but considering where he was at the end of last year til now the improvement is incredible. He's only gonna look better as he plays more and he gets more reps with his shot and it becomes more fluid. EVERYTHING else is there for him to be an incredible player – great handle, sneakily athletic, underrated and great playmaker, has great measurables for a guard (he's like 6'5-6'6 with a 6'10 wingspan)…if he can shoot even like 34-35% from 3 and 75% from the line he's a future all star. Like Jalen said, he was a positive contributor when he came back last year DESPITE not being willing to take a jumper outside of like 12 feet and that shit being broken af. Beyond that he also clearly has an amazing work ethic, was doing 3 workouts a day with Hanlen this summer.

  4. "Tatum might be the Durant of this generation"- Bill Simmons. LOLOLOL. This is why this guy is not a serious journalist. He's just a Boston homer with humours blogy writing style. He should have never been given a national platform. I'd rather listen to Jalen talk basketball any day of the week.

  5. This old dumb ass nigga act like Fultz wasn’t in the SAME FUCKIN GYM WORKING OUT WITH TATUM LIKE WTF how can you be this lost and clueless talking about he don’t like his work ethic wtf…plus he doesn’t even mention sixers when talking about a threat to Boston no he mentions the bucks lmao Gtfoh bias af

  6. You coulda drafted Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, or Kyle Kuzma and have a legit triple threat. Fultz has a lot of potential, but he’s looking more like a Lonzo Ball, prone to injury with a broken shot. When are NBA GMs going to learn how to evaluate these young one and done players?

  7. It's official Fultz gets no love.

    Has a hitch in his shot – "people bag him and tell him to work on his jumper."
    Gets a shot – "its too slow you wont be able to score in-game."
    Scores it in-game – "Only against a non nba team, now do it in a real game."
    Does against an NBA team – "its only preseason, nothing matters."

    Give the guy a break, he's been grinding all summer. He put up 160,000+ shots in order to improve himself and ya'll still salty.

  8. For a guy that was the 3rd best rookie last year, Tatum is slightly getting a bit over-rated. Just slightly, maybe a little bit. Still a good good player and expect him to be a star of the future.

  9. People still take Bill Simmons opinion seriously? Lmao smh if youre a long tine nba fan you know this dude knows absolutely nothing amd only talks out of his biased ass

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