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Biggest Flops in NFL History

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A compilation of flops in the NFL.

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30 thoughts on “Biggest Flops in NFL History

  1. Next topic: surprising early leads against a strong team, e.g. S.F. at Dallas in 1995, Green Bay at SF in 1995, Ravens at Patriots 2009, Seahawks vs. Broncos 2013, Jax at Pittsburgh last year.

  2. What is it with these morons throwing their arms up in the air like they are doing the wave? They would be so much more believable if they kept their arms in the middle of their bodies, trying to soften their fall.

  3. some of the ones where the punter falls from a slight touch, aren’t really flops. I don’t think you realize how hard it is to stay upright after jumping and then trying to land and something hitting your foot. It isn’t enough to knock someone over or backwards but it is enough to make them fall and/or lose their balance

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