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Best Trick Plays Of The 2018-19 College Football Season ᴴᴰ

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A look at the best trick plays of the 2018-19 College Football season!

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43 thoughts on “Best Trick Plays Of The 2018-19 College Football Season ᴴᴰ

  1. Funny how Michigan State had 4 different highlights of trick plays. Those are the only plays that actually did anything with all the injuries they had on offense this year

  2. Am kinda sad we didn't get to see Dexter Lawrence or Christian Wilkins run in for a touchdown (sure, the plays weren't all that tricky, but they were still pretty damn awesome in my book)

    Love my Tigers <3

  3. Trickeration is the worst, stupidest word ever. Trickery is right there, it's a perfectly fine word, even a little fun to say. But no. Americans insist on mistreating our sweet language

  4. Oregon vs Washington St was, first a false start by the center? as his feet moved before the snap followed by poor tackling. I don' care about either team, it was just a crappy play that the other team missed sooooo many tackles on.

  5. Tedford is has Fresno State back in a big way. W back to back double digit win seasons and almost went undefeated this year. Signed a big time 4 star receiver from here in Fresno that happens to be teammates with the number 1 running back in America for 2019. Gonna have to fight off all the other big West Coast schools though. But of tedford can bring in both of those guys that would be massive. Decent amount of talent comes out of Fresno States backyard in central CA but past coaches could never keep them home

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