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Beci Dale on “Guiness World Records Smashed”

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Beci Dale breaking the previous Guiness World Record for 1minute speed skipping on “Guiness World Records Smashed”. The previous record was 254 jumps in one minute and Beci broke the record by 78 jumps giving her the new world record of 332 jumps in 1minute.

49 thoughts on “Beci Dale on “Guiness World Records Smashed””

  1. This is a Laugh, a Biggest LIE I'VE EVER SEEN. Everyone, take a look on "amazing skipping competition" on youtube, you see Chinese kids doing 7-8 skips per second, THRICE faster than this turtle girl. World record….kkkkkkkkkkkk. ridiculously hilarious!!!!

  2. era evidente que la joven salto mas, sus saltos eran mas efecientes al ser cortos, sin agregar que su técnica de postura era mejor, al estar inclinada, la cuerda seria mas corta lo que reduce el tiempo de cada vuelta, tenia todas las de ganar
    pdt: nadie va leer esto 🙁

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