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Barcelona vs Manchester United Champions League Quarterfinals Leg 2 FULL Match Highlights: 3-0

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Barcelona advance to the semifinal!

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50 thoughts on “Barcelona vs Manchester United Champions League Quarterfinals Leg 2 FULL Match Highlights: 3-0

  1. The game was decided on that first chance missed by Rashford after the tremendous pass by Pogba. Lukaku took his early chance against PSG but Rashford flopped it. Mctominay also had one just after Rashford. Scoring to level it on the night would have changed the game totally. The goals United conceded are amateurish to say the least. How do you back off Messi and allow him to run towards the box? De Gea's error is even worse. This defeat would do United more good than harm in the long run. To think United spent over £ 500 million yet 4 of the starting 11 players played under Sir Alex and 3 are also players from the United academy tells you all you need to know. Big clear out ahead. Ajax has shown everyone that having a good football philosophy with hardworking players I'd better than spending useless sums of money. Blind and Tadic are United rejects and Southampton rejects yet are world class back with Ajax. I hope the best footballing team wins not the one with the most money.

  2. Deep down all Utd Fans knew they had no chance. Pogba aside, there is not one creative player in this team, the defense a mess. PSG would've been a better challenge cause not only they can counter but they can also build. Unfortunately they choke.

  3. If United think that they are going to a top class football team once again starting 7 Negros they have shit for brains. Barcelona had 11 White and Hispanic players on the pitch today and made fools of United team. This fascination with Negro players by the United managers is simply mind-boggling

  4. America calls futbol soccer , thats why United lost today .
    Phil jones , rojo , darmian , sanchez ( to china ), ashley young, lukaku, mata all need to leave….SOO many players who are worthless …lingard and rash only get a pass because United need english homegrown players but theyre bang average ! Martial too , dont know what people see in him…Too THINK how much money they've wasted + 3 managers, the detoriation of the stature is incredible…HOW ?! Ed woodward hasnt been fired is beyond ,, oh yeah i forgot … $$$ as long as guillsble fans keep supporting , thats when ed will go..United need an Arab owner , not a fucking American who call it soccer …EMBARRRASING..

  5. First goal was smalldini’s fault, why he try to go left(his left) away from Messi’s left foot. Like bruh. Second was de gea’s poor handling. Can’t do much when you aren’t confident to play against Messi. Third goal was Smalldini’s poor marking again, goes towards the right(his right) away from Coutinho’s right foot that has a history of shooting at that exact spot. This is the defending and goal keeping fault, if they kept their composure then the front would have attack with more confidence. Paul Pogba might as well would go to Real Madrid because he ain’t winning anything with that defense.

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