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Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United (4-0) | Messi STUNNER Knocks Out Pogba | #ArmChairFans

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Manchester United lose 3-0 away at Barcelona as Messi scores 2. Ronaldo crashes out of the Champions League 1-2 against Ajax.

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18 thoughts on “Barcelona 3-0 Manchester United (4-0) | Messi STUNNER Knocks Out Pogba | #ArmChairFans

  1. 7:30 Man City away Joe???? Damn it….Also, how can you expect Pogba to run the game at the Nou Camp when he's up against Busquets, one of the best DM's ever, Rakitic, a World Cup finalist, and Arthur who's destroyed Kroos and Modric this season….
    I think you guys really underestimated how hard playing at the Nou Camp is. How many midfielders in the past five years have gone there and bossed the game??? Maybe Modric but that is it

  2. You got dominated. If you think you guys “dominated” the game in either leg you’re crazy. And it rarely happens if ever happens that someone comes to the Camp Nou and bosses the game.

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