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Arnold 2019 Battelle Stage

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Noon-1 p.m.: Arnold Pro Wheelchair Prejudging & Finals
1-4 p.m.: Arnold Classic, Arnold Men’s Physique & Bikini International Prejudging
7-10 p.m.: Arnold Classic, Arnold Men’s Physique, Bikini Internation & Arnold Strongman Classic Finals

ASF TV is the Official Channel of the Arnold Sports Festival, the largest multi-sports festival in the world.

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23 thoughts on “Arnold 2019 Battelle Stage

  1. Poor josh I think judges don't want to award massive fresks at all he smoking in the front double biceps rolly never gets looked right same with Big Ramy how to fck Raphael is higher bs thats why Rhoden is thash josh front double look like Phil heath 2011 see 1:47:00 Judges rewarding diferent phisiques Rooting for Rafael he looks like not even from the division this show if judges wanted to could be ahole diferrent ball game is all on what judges are looking for thats Phil is been talking all this time

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  3. Man, Rafael's stage presence is so high energy. Great to see a bodybuilder so confident. Just a little more mass on the legs and he'll be perfect.

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