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Ariel Helwani Q&A on Dana White, Conor vs Floyd, Ronda Rousey’s return & covering MMA

Ariel Helwani Q&A on Dana White, Conor vs Floyd, Ronda Rousey’s return & covering MMA, the mma hour show and much more

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23 thoughts on “Ariel Helwani Q&A on Dana White, Conor vs Floyd, Ronda Rousey’s return & covering MMA

  1. wait a minute. schevchenko vs namajunes for bantamweight title? shouldnt it be interim title,or did Amanda Nunes give the belt up?

  2. I just can't stand how the middle weight and light weight divisions are locked up. This is bullshit. Freaking bisping, soon as Dana said no GSP and he has to fight Romero, he comes up with an injured knee.

  3. Saying that athletes in other sports are uninteresting is stupid. Look at what's happened to football players and basketball players when they've spoken without filters (e.g. Richard Sherman, and more recently Russell Westbrook). All other sports have been professional longer than MMA and have bigger sponsorships, endorsements, and affiliates to think about than fighters. Do you see the head of any other professional sport organization cursing in interviews or media days like dana does? No, because other sports have higher standards and want to create a family-friendly appeal.
    Saying guys like Al Iaquinta give great interviews etc is just because the guy comes on your show and spends 30 minutes cursing and ranting incoherently which gives you great viewing figures as you sit back smugly watching someone break down before your eyes. Let me guess, you're just "doing your job", right?
    This is why I can't take this shill seriously.

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