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Antonio Conte Press Conference | Norwich v Chelsea

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Antonio Conte speaks to the media ahead of the 3rd Round FA Cup clash away to N…

40 thoughts on “Antonio Conte Press Conference | Norwich v Chelsea”

  1. Chelsea not doing press conference to ask such a nonsense to manager…. how responsible are those journalists cameraman we would like to see the journalist too while they are asking questions are they really real journalists or paid journalists? Not even asking any single questions for next maths but headline Norwich VS Chelsea… so shamed 🌑

  2. Conte wanted Alex Sandro club buys Marcos Alonso, Conte wanted Sergi Roberto club buys Zappacosta, Conte wanted Vidal club buys Barkley, Conte wanted Belotti club buy Batshuayi. Conte wanted Tolisso club buys Drinkwater. Conte wanted Bonucci/Chiellini Conte has to pick Rudiger. Conte did not want to sell Matic club replaces him with Bakayoko. Conte wanted Llorente & I pray to god the club isn’t stupid enough to buy Andy Carroll!!!!

  3. I love his gentle character when answering questions that would lead to some these journalist losing their jobs If I was in charge. He always tells the truth without sounding like a overly stubborn mourinho. He won the title last season, accepts early it's over, still wins games and makes his team perform well. Meanwhile the Portuguese cannot cope with himself

  4. conte always jumps to the defense of his players no matter what. he makes them want to play better and try to boost their confidence for the next match. Proper coach
    mourinho needs to learn this

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